Friday, July 31, 2015


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It's interesting of course, all those people spilling their lives on the timeline.

Learning so much about people.  How they act and respond, what they post.  It's become the voice of the world,  speaking poetry, videos and images to all of us.

It's like the news, but not like what you see on the the television,

it's personal, waaaay more personal, the poetry of people lives

The stuff that they allow you to see and hear,

its very psychological, what gets liked and what doesn't

and of course the marketers are watching you, like always,

and people throw tantrums and say they are leaving it forever,

and some of them do, 

those who have pasted away

yet the people who are threatening to leave i see them on there mostly every day.

of course it's like a form of reading minds, seems like we are moving that way in the future.  A machine that can read your mind, can you believe that?

I'm still out of touch with the masses, Facebook confirms it.

My mind works differently than most, i don't understand the politics of a Like, I suppose there are politics involved of course.

I don't live for Likes though.  If you like it.  Fine. If you don't. Fine.  
That's the way it goes.  The story of life on my earth.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bill Cosby

America's Dad,  The Cosby Show

it seem so genuine, but he was a fraud,

the show was as fake as could be.

millions watched it week after week

it set ratings, people looked forward to watching it every week

wishing they had such a family and home.

yet, the star of the show had issues of his own, which is alright with me.

But what was is not alright was him being some kind of moral police for the people.   Talking about the kids with their sagging paints, and speaking in Ebonics

Meanwhile, he was putting drugs in girls drinks and fucking them.

which is alright with me. We all sin of course.

such wish some of us will quit casting stones,

so much, when they have a graveyard in there closet.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bruce Jennner

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I know how he feels

not being comfortable in his own body

his own skin.

I feel that way a lot, been feeling this way,

for a long time

what can you do?

Drink, drug, commit suicide?

so many people feel this way, not loving or liking themselves

not feeling fee to be themselves

It's crazy that we can't be ourselves

all our chromosomes and genes forming a person

who will eventually be judged by some one else

so crazy, so stupid

It's an ugly world

fuck it

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Amy Winehouse

5827-amy-winehouse.jpg (290×387)

I related to her madness

she was my favorite singer while she was alive

she was a very talented singer, who sang

from her soul.

the words of the song meant something

to her,  the experiences of a poet

not everyone can feel that

but a few can

Like me

when she was getting popular I was doing 

open mic stand up comedy at the time

it was so hard, to have the courage to get up and make them laugh

there, I hated it!

I drank before I got on

a lot of comedians drank

I hated the stage

It sucked, I just wanted to write the shit

and get paid, that was it.

Then, I seen Amy, who was so brilliant in the studio and on the stage.

She had trouble getting on stage and performing in front of an audience. She had to get fucked up.  Drunk and drugged.

I related to this.  I thought she was stubbing her nose at the audience

I liked it, I had a problem with people who felt to comfortable in front of audience.

People can be dickheads, especially for standup and comedy shows.

My favorite comics drank heavily. To feel better and deal with boredom and anxiety of getting up there.  I felt like it must have been the same with the rock dudes.  Not really wanting to be up there.

Insecurites, Fear, Boredom.

The audience booed her when she fucked up on the stage. She forgot a lyric, fucked up a song  they laughed.  Made fun of the alcoholic drug addicted dope fiend.

That's what it is what like

I stopped during stand up, after a good friend of mine died after a terrible accident while drinking.

Amy was in the tabloids alot.  The press seemed to enjoy it a lot.   It was a big entertaining joke. The drinking and doing all the drugs to them

Then she died young

And all that stopped.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


IT made us

I look at men 

and they seem so different

this one is tall, this one is stocky

this one is a hermit and the other one is 

very social

this one is good with his hands and is a mechanic,

the other verbally intelligent, and is a manager in some institution

One guy is playing a saxophone very well on a street corner,

another one is a great orator in a church

One kid is very tall and coordinated and dunking a basketball on a city basketball court

all these different varieties of men and women

so many to see and hear and learn from 

so many different shades of God

so many talents and gifts

some of them practical, and others 

unusual and strange

and no matter the strength or the intellect

some of them are lacking something, as I am lacking

I guess we all need each other really

for are defects, it's as if God said one person could not have

too many talents, so It gave them defects to compensate

or they would all be Gods

It's as if everyone is a part of a circle and it forms a whole, into ONE

but that's only speculation,

and people hate with you do that


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nikola Tesla

How can you channel something that you can not see?

that is electricity

for centuries people could not see it or channel it

if it wasn't for a few people

we would still be in the dark

i mean, there would be less light to humanity

the only light people knew came from the sun,

moon and stars at night

then someone came along, there were others that came before, 


Nikola Tesla

boy, does he cut a romantic figure with some from my generation

the stories about him are the stuff of legend, just google it

crazy mad scientist, genius loner, speaking to pigeons,

communicating with aliens from distant realms,

well of course you can't believe all legends, right?

Somehow I believe most of the Tesla stories though

dedicated and obsessed, alone

I can relate to this

and I'm nowhere near as intelligent as him,

yet, who is?

i go outside and think about a man sitting somewhere alone

at night, thinking of strange and unusual things

I relate to this

things other people don't want to think about

electricity is everywhere

i mean the guy made a 130 foot long lighting bolt, with one of his coils

he did shit that was something out of the imagination of Stan Lee.

Close to a real life superhero.

Can you believe this guy was asexual and celibate his whole life?

How come guys like this don't reproduce?

Well, if it wasn't for Tesla I might be typing this by candlelight

and the nights would be much duller

why this guy doesn't have a national holiday, i will never know,

But i do know if he never existed, the nights would be a whole lot



Thank you

Mr. Electric Man


Friday, July 17, 2015


I mean, man how do I dislike that fuckin place

a lot of people say that shit though

and they are right,

we all love the low prices, the low fuckin prices

but the shit you gotta put of with, is it worth it?

to save the a few fuckin bucks?

it all starts in the parking lot and finding that damn parking spot.

ain't that messed up?

then getting into the store and getting raggedy ass cart.

you mean with all they money they get the carts can't be new?

and it's always mostly crowded, and all the fuckin walking

and bumping into people

and the lines long as hell

and the wait

wait wait wait

and Time is the one thing we always seem to be running out of

ass we rush on with our lives

Yet at Wally World time stand stills



Howard Stern

I feel bad,

I mean i skipped school in college to listen to The Howard Stern Show.

Which probably cost me greatly.  I would listen in the morning and forget about everything else.

Like school work and teachers and classmates all that shit.

He made me laugh and interviewed people I was interested in

It was so hard for me to laugh back then, and even laugh now.

Yet, he made the impossible possible.

This was how the Real World talked and not how my professors were speaking.

Sex joy and laughter.  That made me feel good

I didn't have a car, a girl, or job or money

I was twenty years old at the time

and somehow he managed to entertain me.

and that seemed like a lot to me 

at the time.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

George Carlin

Of course George was funny and intellectual,

and all that shit.

He was so important to hear as a child.

He wasn't saying what everyone else was saying

and was saying shit that ringed in my heart, so I know that it must 

have be TRUE.

I was hearing lies from from everywhere

and when I saw his HBO specials

they were so fuckin enlightening 

I wasn't reading books back then, so all i had was my environment

my fucking environment, and that shit lies to you, and Georgie

was telling the truth on HBO

you can say intellectual shit and be funny too.

No fucking way

But he was 

He didn't a fuck

And I liked that about him

a poet in black,

fucking with people's head and making them laugh at the same damn time, 

boy do i miss that shit.

Mike Tyson

Mike-Tyson-Eat-Lennox-Lewis-Kids.jpg (1280×960)

As a boxing fan,

Boy do I miss watching him fight,

these featherweights and middleweights

don't mean very much to me,

I mean, watching a Floyd Mayweather fight

is like sitting watching the lawn grow to me,

Why do people pay to watch his fights though?

But when I was a kid, Mike Tyson was around

and fuck was he fun to watch man

and he was small for heavyweight, not even six feet tall

and he did not give a fuck about a reach advantage at all

He just got inside and dismantled the opps

you didn't know how long a fight would last?

Usually they would be over with very quickly.

90 seconds man, no bullshitting

that kid hit very hard, you could see guys getting knocked

out with body shots!

and that kid was so angry, so angry

I mean how do you get so pissed off for an athletic contest?

He fought like it was a street beef

The fighters now, don't seem so mad

whether it's boxing or MMA.

They are prize fighters

But Mike brought the anger of The HOOD into the ring with him

and you could feel all that pain and frustration being let out in that 

pissed off kid from Brownsville

and the public could not get enough


There's nobody like Mike

and fights are so very 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This Girl I See

This Girl I See

I see her when i head into work, driving on the streets of Ferguson

She is always walking up and down the street, or sitting on a sidewalk, Sometimes she talks to herself while she is walking

She goes in and out of the gas station. She stays in a five block radius.

It seems like she doesn't leave the five block radius.

Maybe there is something wrong with that, maybe not

Wonder if she wants to leave the neighborhood?

Wonder if she knows other neighborhoods exist?

Im sure other people see her as they are going to work or school.

She's there like the buildings and the trees.

Someday she will be gone

As i will be gone and you.

As i return home after being gone all day, into the night.

My headlights shine on her.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015



I believe in the
Collective conscience
Of Mankind
Whatever the masses want

Comes into fruition
Some genius will create it

If we want war

We will get war
We don't want peace
So we never get it

Just consider

The smartphone

What a great device

It seems as if we should never

Be bored again

And believe me

I know what boredom is

I have a degree in it

But with the smartphone

I can always be engaged in something

Its hard to get bored

U have so many choices for entertainment

It seems like too many

You can get on your smartphone

Whenever you are bored

And believe me there is so much
Boredom in this world

We bore ourselves to DEATH

I see people on their phones

Waiting for buses and trains
At work

While driving

Even in the bars and restaurants

We are so bored


I relate

Very few people
I know

Are where they want or need
To be

Don't blame me

That is the human condition

We are stuck somewhere

Somewhere we don't want to be

So we get on our smart phones

And go some where else

Of course.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

I admire her surprisingly
I usually hate most things mainstream

She's pretty, and it's obvious she loves attention

Just started watching Keeping Up with The Kardashians,
And i am entertained!!

I am surprised

I usually don't like all the hot
Shows and number one Nielsen rated shit

That shit usually bores me to tears

As dull as the people who watch that shit

But you gotta admire Kim though.

Getting caught sucking and fucking for the world to see on video is a about as embarrassing as it can get

She could have retreated and hid somewhere, yet she came out fighting and swinging

Becoming richer and more famous

For sucking and fucking on camera!

Shit, i know strippers and whores who refuse to do that

So Kim i salute you,

You know you will be criticised and throw a middle finger to the  haters

Fuck them or ignore them

She inspires me

As she should inspire


Damion Hamilton

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Looking into Eyes

Friday, July 10, 2015


Boy did this kid leave a strong
Impression on the world!!
He was with the shit
Most definitely
People still love him and idolize him
My generation will never probably forget him
They are all dead themselves
He was their man
And i can't forget the voice: powerful and strong
Can't forget the voice
Passionate and soulful
He made you feel his poetic lyrics like very few can, and he was a warrior and
And his fans
They will beat your ass or shoot you if you say something bad about their Pac!!!
I was eighteen when he was killed.
He died when he was only 25, but damn did that kid seem like he lived a hundred years!!
He had gotten shot a couple of years before and survived and went to prison
The stuff of legend, while the world watched.
A bandged head and middle figure in the air, while he sat in a wheelchair.
When he came home, he recorded a bunch of songs
A lot of songs about Death.
That subject that we fear.
Most of these guys don't wanna rap about that.
He brought music to that shit.
That was his secret, talking about Death.
No one wants to hear about it
Try bringing up the subject, and most people will quickly change it.
Like what did you have to eat last night?
Who won the damned baseball game?
Anything to get their mind off
That Death thing