Sunday, July 26, 2015

Amy Winehouse

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I related to her madness

she was my favorite singer while she was alive

she was a very talented singer, who sang

from her soul.

the words of the song meant something

to her,  the experiences of a poet

not everyone can feel that

but a few can

Like me

when she was getting popular I was doing 

open mic stand up comedy at the time

it was so hard, to have the courage to get up and make them laugh

there, I hated it!

I drank before I got on

a lot of comedians drank

I hated the stage

It sucked, I just wanted to write the shit

and get paid, that was it.

Then, I seen Amy, who was so brilliant in the studio and on the stage.

She had trouble getting on stage and performing in front of an audience. She had to get fucked up.  Drunk and drugged.

I related to this.  I thought she was stubbing her nose at the audience

I liked it, I had a problem with people who felt to comfortable in front of audience.

People can be dickheads, especially for standup and comedy shows.

My favorite comics drank heavily. To feel better and deal with boredom and anxiety of getting up there.  I felt like it must have been the same with the rock dudes.  Not really wanting to be up there.

Insecurites, Fear, Boredom.

The audience booed her when she fucked up on the stage. She forgot a lyric, fucked up a song  they laughed.  Made fun of the alcoholic drug addicted dope fiend.

That's what it is what like

I stopped during stand up, after a good friend of mine died after a terrible accident while drinking.

Amy was in the tabloids alot.  The press seemed to enjoy it a lot.   It was a big entertaining joke. The drinking and doing all the drugs to them

Then she died young

And all that stopped.

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