Friday, July 31, 2015


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It's interesting of course, all those people spilling their lives on the timeline.

Learning so much about people.  How they act and respond, what they post.  It's become the voice of the world,  speaking poetry, videos and images to all of us.

It's like the news, but not like what you see on the the television,

it's personal, waaaay more personal, the poetry of people lives

The stuff that they allow you to see and hear,

its very psychological, what gets liked and what doesn't

and of course the marketers are watching you, like always,

and people throw tantrums and say they are leaving it forever,

and some of them do, 

those who have pasted away

yet the people who are threatening to leave i see them on there mostly every day.

of course it's like a form of reading minds, seems like we are moving that way in the future.  A machine that can read your mind, can you believe that?

I'm still out of touch with the masses, Facebook confirms it.

My mind works differently than most, i don't understand the politics of a Like, I suppose there are politics involved of course.

I don't live for Likes though.  If you like it.  Fine. If you don't. Fine.  
That's the way it goes.  The story of life on my earth.

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