Thursday, July 16, 2015

George Carlin

Of course George was funny and intellectual,

and all that shit.

He was so important to hear as a child.

He wasn't saying what everyone else was saying

and was saying shit that ringed in my heart, so I know that it must 

have be TRUE.

I was hearing lies from from everywhere

and when I saw his HBO specials

they were so fuckin enlightening 

I wasn't reading books back then, so all i had was my environment

my fucking environment, and that shit lies to you, and Georgie

was telling the truth on HBO

you can say intellectual shit and be funny too.

No fucking way

But he was 

He didn't a fuck

And I liked that about him

a poet in black,

fucking with people's head and making them laugh at the same damn time, 

boy do i miss that shit.

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