Thursday, July 23, 2015


IT made us

I look at men 

and they seem so different

this one is tall, this one is stocky

this one is a hermit and the other one is 

very social

this one is good with his hands and is a mechanic,

the other verbally intelligent, and is a manager in some institution

One guy is playing a saxophone very well on a street corner,

another one is a great orator in a church

One kid is very tall and coordinated and dunking a basketball on a city basketball court

all these different varieties of men and women

so many to see and hear and learn from 

so many different shades of God

so many talents and gifts

some of them practical, and others 

unusual and strange

and no matter the strength or the intellect

some of them are lacking something, as I am lacking

I guess we all need each other really

for are defects, it's as if God said one person could not have

too many talents, so It gave them defects to compensate

or they would all be Gods

It's as if everyone is a part of a circle and it forms a whole, into ONE

but that's only speculation,

and people hate with you do that


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