Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mike Tyson

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As a boxing fan,

Boy do I miss watching him fight,

these featherweights and middleweights

don't mean very much to me,

I mean, watching a Floyd Mayweather fight

is like sitting watching the lawn grow to me,

Why do people pay to watch his fights though?

But when I was a kid, Mike Tyson was around

and fuck was he fun to watch man

and he was small for heavyweight, not even six feet tall

and he did not give a fuck about a reach advantage at all

He just got inside and dismantled the opps

you didn't know how long a fight would last?

Usually they would be over with very quickly.

90 seconds man, no bullshitting

that kid hit very hard, you could see guys getting knocked

out with body shots!

and that kid was so angry, so angry

I mean how do you get so pissed off for an athletic contest?

He fought like it was a street beef

The fighters now, don't seem so mad

whether it's boxing or MMA.

They are prize fighters

But Mike brought the anger of The HOOD into the ring with him

and you could feel all that pain and frustration being let out in that 

pissed off kid from Brownsville

and the public could not get enough


There's nobody like Mike

and fights are so very 


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