Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nikola Tesla

How can you channel something that you can not see?

that is electricity

for centuries people could not see it or channel it

if it wasn't for a few people

we would still be in the dark

i mean, there would be less light to humanity

the only light people knew came from the sun,

moon and stars at night

then someone came along, there were others that came before, 


Nikola Tesla

boy, does he cut a romantic figure with some from my generation

the stories about him are the stuff of legend, just google it

crazy mad scientist, genius loner, speaking to pigeons,

communicating with aliens from distant realms,

well of course you can't believe all legends, right?

Somehow I believe most of the Tesla stories though

dedicated and obsessed, alone

I can relate to this

and I'm nowhere near as intelligent as him,

yet, who is?

i go outside and think about a man sitting somewhere alone

at night, thinking of strange and unusual things

I relate to this

things other people don't want to think about

electricity is everywhere

i mean the guy made a 130 foot long lighting bolt, with one of his coils

he did shit that was something out of the imagination of Stan Lee.

Close to a real life superhero.

Can you believe this guy was asexual and celibate his whole life?

How come guys like this don't reproduce?

Well, if it wasn't for Tesla I might be typing this by candlelight

and the nights would be much duller

why this guy doesn't have a national holiday, i will never know,

But i do know if he never existed, the nights would be a whole lot



Thank you

Mr. Electric Man


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