Friday, July 10, 2015


Boy did this kid leave a strong
Impression on the world!!
He was with the shit
Most definitely
People still love him and idolize him
My generation will never probably forget him
They are all dead themselves
He was their man
And i can't forget the voice: powerful and strong
Can't forget the voice
Passionate and soulful
He made you feel his poetic lyrics like very few can, and he was a warrior and
And his fans
They will beat your ass or shoot you if you say something bad about their Pac!!!
I was eighteen when he was killed.
He died when he was only 25, but damn did that kid seem like he lived a hundred years!!
He had gotten shot a couple of years before and survived and went to prison
The stuff of legend, while the world watched.
A bandged head and middle figure in the air, while he sat in a wheelchair.
When he came home, he recorded a bunch of songs
A lot of songs about Death.
That subject that we fear.
Most of these guys don't wanna rap about that.
He brought music to that shit.
That was his secret, talking about Death.
No one wants to hear about it
Try bringing up the subject, and most people will quickly change it.
Like what did you have to eat last night?
Who won the damned baseball game?
Anything to get their mind off
That Death thing

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