Friday, July 17, 2015


I mean, man how do I dislike that fuckin place

a lot of people say that shit though

and they are right,

we all love the low prices, the low fuckin prices

but the shit you gotta put of with, is it worth it?

to save the a few fuckin bucks?

it all starts in the parking lot and finding that damn parking spot.

ain't that messed up?

then getting into the store and getting raggedy ass cart.

you mean with all they money they get the carts can't be new?

and it's always mostly crowded, and all the fuckin walking

and bumping into people

and the lines long as hell

and the wait

wait wait wait

and Time is the one thing we always seem to be running out of

ass we rush on with our lives

Yet at Wally World time stand stills



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