Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bar Rescue

So many bars need rescuing,

so many I've been to are dead

they charge too much too much for a beer or a mixed drink,

it sucks man.

the neighborhood and dive bars are Dead

it's nothing going on 

is it the bar or the people in the neighborhoods

the societies or politics or the people?

but so many are dull

are people weary?

I can't help it 

tried to sit in some of these places

but it was so hard, nothing happening

and who wants to go straight home after work?

it sucks, it makes the evening go past so fast

and then you are right back there, the place to don't want to be

and who wants to be somewhere that they don't want to be?

sometimes there's life at the titty bars, other times there are not

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cave Man

Of course I'm a caveman,

I seek the quiet of course,

sometimes I like people, sometimes I don't

I don't hate people, that would make me crazy,

I do like the road less traveled though,

forgive me Frost for borrowing the line.

Sights, sounds, noises and drive me insane.

and I long for a dark gloomy cave,

some place to be a lone.  I find the basement to be the most interesting place of a home.

I am so weird, 

why more homes are not made below ground I do not know.

I dislike sunny days, making me stranger than most.

Summertime is extremely dull and depressing to me

I am so ancient.  Something so ancient within me.
I am so in touch with a pre-human stage in life.

and it's just not me.  I suppose most want to be un bothered for a while.

Then, We get bored with this and go out into the world

To play the world's games of course

But I love the idea of The Cave

Holding Humanity and Bears at bay

Of course.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Friday Night (399×398)

There's an energy about it

I hate it

Most working people look forward to it though,

and those who are not working.

I don't. It's dull! The bars and clubs and roads and everything else are way toooo

I hate busy.

And you just wanna be away from them all

those celebrating the Great Friday Night.

Get a can of beer hopefully, and hopefully stay away from the
police and goons.

It's like Bukowski says, "I don't hate people, I just feel better when they are not around."

that famous quote,  well I say most people, there are a few people you would rather be around.

But Friday is bullshit of course.  Why not do Friday Night on a Tuesday Night.

another time for everyone to do the same thing.

everyone doing the same damn thing at the same damn time,

like the rush hour traffic and all that bullshit

I need a cave, of course.

Too get away from it.