Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cave Man

Of course I'm a caveman,

I seek the quiet of course,

sometimes I like people, sometimes I don't

I don't hate people, that would make me crazy,

I do like the road less traveled though,

forgive me Frost for borrowing the line.

Sights, sounds, noises and drive me insane.

and I long for a dark gloomy cave,

some place to be a lone.  I find the basement to be the most interesting place of a home.

I am so weird, 

why more homes are not made below ground I do not know.

I dislike sunny days, making me stranger than most.

Summertime is extremely dull and depressing to me

I am so ancient.  Something so ancient within me.
I am so in touch with a pre-human stage in life.

and it's just not me.  I suppose most want to be un bothered for a while.

Then, We get bored with this and go out into the world

To play the world's games of course

But I love the idea of The Cave

Holding Humanity and Bears at bay

Of course.

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