Friday, September 25, 2015

A Dog Chained to A Fence

dogs-tied-to-fence-6612763.jpg (400×266)

I was talking to this girl crazy chick, meth head did bits in prison and really high fucked up on meth and she talking on and on and on im on downers and alcohol feeling comfortable and liberated and all that shit,even profound and im none of that at all, she talking so fast or maybe its slow, but she always talks fast and we're talking about animals of all things!!!


She tells me she think animals can get sad like humans and that's just a kind and sincere thing to say, and i feel sad even though im smiling, and i hate that this girl knows what sadness is, i hate that anyone knows what sadness is and the world and god knows it too. Then she tells me about a neighbour who had it's dog chained to a lease, and isn't that one of the sadness things in the world?

That damned dog didnt have much of a life.

Im sad while thinking about the dog but im not really thinking about the dog. Im thinking about people and the human condition, job work, family, government, church all that shit.

Humanity you are all like a dog chained to a fence

I thought the girl was silly, and she taught me a lesson she didnt think was a lesson, i wonder does  she think she is a dog on a leash like us all? i didn't ask her that thru the beer and cigarette haze.

But she sure as hell made me think about some shit

Aint that something?

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