Thursday, September 10, 2015

Beyond The Walls

Some people can see past what
is in front of them, others can't

some can see that there is more,

than what is in front of them in this world

others can not 

i don't know why i always see beyond some
prison's walls

but I do

I am rarely able to adapt to my environment,

i usually looking past it

There is more to the world I always say

for better of worse

the buildings, the schools, the neighborhoods,
the bars I've been in 

always looking past the things and people

I don't know why i do this?

somehow it saves me from a lot of shit,

sometimes not so much,

imagination and books have allowed me to
see past things I would have not otherwise

when there was no opportunity and chance anywhere

just a 

little hope

and that was it

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