Monday, September 28, 2015


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You can't help but to feel it

i mean, if you said you didn't maybe

I would think you were lying, but I feel it

Life's not fair, I know

The forces can hit you like an iceberg

and cut you like the best damned blade

you never used

but it's there

I feel like an old soul, even when I was young,
that feeling was there

I look back at the mistakes I've made

They are not beautiful mistakes at all, as people call them

wish I knew better, wish someone told me better

but they did not know better, and I did not know better

so what's the point?

at thirty seven I sit back and feel the stings of the hornet

you can call that brooding or whatever

but I've been a damned fool,

and I know that

so I can own it

and try not to feel so


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