Friday, September 18, 2015

Dark Poet

It's like if you feel pain, you just feel pain

nobody in the world can feel what you feel 

I see the world thru a dark lens

the bright sunny day is not my friend

too many folks around, doing things, stressed

it depresses me,

that makes me a dark person I suppose,

or it's liking Johnny cash singing the song "Hurt,"

either you like it or you hate it,

or watching reruns of the First 48 all day long,

so depressing, so strange

this depressing thing

the blues is the opposite of happy

those dark people feel too much I suppose

no one can feel your pain, no use in telling them

about it, especially if they don't feel anything

Well if you wake up in pain, that will effect your mind and emotions

and those who don't feel it will never relate

At all

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