Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dead or In Jail

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It's like when you go out in a city where i'm from

you have to worthy about it

You just wanna have a good time,

but there's that thing 

you ride around and ask yourself

will you end up dead or in jail tonight?

that's a reasonable question

i worry about cops and thugs

and i just want them both to leave me the hell alone

Why would they even wanna bother me or look at me?

I'm not a hot chick or nothing,

I worry about the cops more than the thugs though

they just wanna get you for anything man

cops and thugs i dislike equally,

perhaps, I just don't like anyone

I've been to jail or few hours, and didn't like the
CO's or my fellow inmates

why would someone wanna sit in jail?

why in the hell would someone wanna guard them?

it don't make any sense to me

being around a bunch of dudes, dudes you hate look at, smell or hear

i have no brothers,

and boy do i hate to see a dull cop's face in my mirror

for something minor, all the times i've been pulled over by them

looking for the Good Time and not finding the good time

Just a bunch of dickheads, whether they are cop or thug

thinking fuck the world, and both groups

when all you wanted to find in the night was a pretty girl

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