Saturday, September 12, 2015


I lack that shit man,

and when you lack Dopamin,

this world can be a very boring place indeed

you can't get stimulated by the stuff people get stimulated by:

the dull manual labor, the chores, the small talk, washing the car,

cleaning, doing yard work, you can't be stimulated by that shit,

with out Dopamine you feel like you're dying, dying from the dullness of our world

So many Dopamine deprived places and people

I'm one of them

often lacking motivation to go on with confidence

then there's Ritalin and coke,

and they make our boring world more interesting

or just sometimes, for me

the Dopamine occurs naturally, and that feels good,

and it's like everything is right with the world,

but those times are so rare

and I despise that.

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