Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eazy E

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I was kid when NWA came out

I liked the music, thought the guys were superheroes,

wanted to be like them and everything

It was Eazy's voice and the rawness of the music,

and all black Raider clothing I liked

when I was a little kid i didn't think saying, "Fuck tha police."

was such a big deal.  Now that I'm older, I understand it a lot better

It was a big deal.

A huge fucking big deal

and they were extremely brave for saying that shit.

It was incredible

then Eazy died from AIDS,

it wasn't romantic death for many people

Aids is tied to death.

and just about everyone in America is fucked over sex,

many folks didn't feel bad for him at all, and called him a hoe

who got what he deserved.

I mean how dare he sleep with all those women?

it's the most horrible crime in the world!!!

those are not my words,  but the voices of people i hear

the voices I've been hearing so long for over thirty seven years

those foolish, silly voices of the masses,

who rarely comprehend or understand anything, yet so quick to

cast their fucking stones

Easy didn't die like Big and Pac:  gunned down in the middle of a street

which is a romantic death for a lot of these people

but, if you think there is something romantic about getting gunned down
in the street

you are a damned fool!!

nothing romantic about that shit

Easy died from sex,  nothing romantic about that shit

no matter how you die, death is just death

and that's all it is too it

no matter how you parish

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