Friday, September 18, 2015

Mind Reader

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Don't want to do that man,

so many fucked up things on people's minds

you would not want to be a mind reader,

not at all

you think you would, but you would not

wanna know the shit on people's minds

not all

I'm intuitive man, some see this as a gift,

others a curse

you walk past people and feel their energy

and can come damn near to reading their minds

I can, and try to stay well away from them

you don't wanna do that, feeling their vibes is bad enough

in the future perhaps, you will able to read people's mind

most people are terribly alike in their desires and ambitions,

and they are so easy to cold read, so easy it's dull

and what a terrible thing that would be

to read their inner thoughts

you don't want that

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