Friday, September 25, 2015

Nice Guys Finish Last

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That's what they say

I never felt I was in some
Kinda of race

I'm nice to people
Maybe too nice.

Maybe I want people to be
Nice to me

No person is a island

We always have to depend
On each other

Remember times when I was
Helpless and some kind soul

Got me outta of a jam

Maybe I think about stuff like

When some one wrongs me

And let it pass

I'm nice to people and I don't
Even try to be that way

It just comes out like that

I couldn't be loud and foolish
And arrogant if I tried

Nothing grand about it

I believe in self preservation

Our lives are so fragile
As people walk that edge of Death

There is is a prison motto that goes, "everybody
Bleeds. Everybody dies and anybody can kill

I believe in that shit

My kindness doesn't come from morals
Religion or any of that

At the same time if someone pissed me off
I feel like could kill you and eat a sandwich afterwards

Not give the persons death a passing thought


Yet I am a very nice guy

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