Friday, September 11, 2015

NO Heroes

Hero-Worship.jpg (472×500)

I don't really look for these kinds of people,

a dude who read one my stories remarked, "there is no hero, no one to root for, no one likable."  I thought ughh.  I didn't mean for the character to be likable or cared if the reader is rooting for someone. I don't root for people in the books that I read.

It just never occured to me at all, I needed for a hero.

But, I think about it: everyone seems to want a hero. Well mostly everyone.

I am not one of these though

there are people who are admirable, do things well I suppose
maybe i even look up to them.

But a hero?

It never really occurred to me

to look around a see a bunch of people walking around filled: hubris, arrogance, pride, fashion, foolish notions and caring waaaay too much about what others think of them.

How could any one find a hero in this crowd?

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