Wednesday, September 9, 2015


No one can feel what you feel

no one can tell you how you feel

no one knows your pain, except you

only you are bound by it

only you can be confused by it

only you can suffer from it,

only you can experience it

we are locked inside ourselves, no matter how hard we
try to break free, to connect with another

and telling someone about your pain

seems so ridiculous 

they can't feel it, and it seems that

most humans lack total empathy

so, no way can they relate to the pain

of another 

they will probably laugh at the anguish of a soul

or a body, that's what they are good for

they can't understand it, until they suffer from it

I am holy about pain

I understand, "the world breaks everyone eventually"

that's what Hemingway said.  I believe it and have seen it

It will break me and you,
no matter how tough or brave you think you are

and only you, can own your pain

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