Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fast Or Slow

Some people burn slow
While others burn fast

And between

All kind of things happens:

There's happiness sadness
Joy and anger


Things happen

And when you are in the

The worlds molds you

With all it elixirs and temptations
The good times

Then come the wounds and scars
And the doctoring

All the agonies

And the kicks of

The drugs

Then dope
And sex

The shit you love more than
Life itself.

When you enjoy life

Too much

There is always some kinda of
Price to pay

The world won't be inherited
to the meek
Or strong

But to the MISERABLE

All those closed and boxed in lives

They died long before their actual death

But some of cool people lived it to fullest

Finding every sorrow and vice

Nothing but pain and ecstasy
You left a young beautiful corpse

As you rot in your casket.

But at least you had LIVED

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