Monday, September 21, 2015

The Thinker

I think too much,

that is what they tell me

but how can can you think too much I think?

seems like we don't think enough,

people see that you are not in the moment and think you are

and sometimes I maybe

but thinking for some people is like a narcotic

Deep Thinking

and I like doing that as much as I can

as people seem to hate that

they just assume you're thinking about something bad

and I can't stand that 

maybe they are use to Society programming them not to think

with the work and television, keeping them as occupied as possible

but the folks should think more:  for all the advancements society as 
supposedly made, it's largely been in Information Technology: meaning the Internet and your cell phone.

such fields as Medicine and Transportation are terribly lacking

so maybe Society should start thinking more progressively and deeply

and quit worrying about the Ones who are.

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