Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Is not a friend

It comes, it goes

it dies, for you

for me,

Time goes by fast if you let it,

slow if others control it for you,

People are always trying to control it for you,

they get off that way

time will kill you if you let it,

your hours all mapped out

like a constellation in the sky

a constellation you did not map out

How can you get it on your side?

our days on this Earth so brief

even if you live to be a hundred

but who really lives to be one hundred?

that person died long ago

you watched the young ones come up

and they are just as impatient as the last

group to come up

and the last thing they want is wisdom

they want to figure this thing out for themselves

a hard way, I suppose

but i hate the scars from my foolish time

I would tell my self of the past,

to know better than I did

this me thing,

right here

right now

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