Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Cup of Coffee

200px-Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svg.png (200×201)

I usually hate coffee,

but sometimes you gotta get stuff done right?

and I'll usually head to Starbucks, in a good neighborhood

There are no Starbucks in bad neighborhoods,

I usually need to get away from everything and everyone

and read and write,

and spent so much time at Starbucks,  

when i was younger, it was the one on Delmar

so many interesting and different people coming in

so of the hipsters, I know hated the Starbucks,

and went to local hipster joint, to be hip

but it was such a put on,  really hipness

it not aware that it is being hip,

I just drank and read, and listened to the Mainstream

as they came and went,

and tried to figure them out

but, never did.

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