Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Good Dude

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Died and it hurt me bad

a good dude died, and it hurt more

than when my blood father passed away, who was not so good a lot of times

a good dude died man, I thought he

would live forever

homie was always in a good mood,

my step dad friend.

never heard him say a bad thing or do a bad thing to anyone

a good dude died and I wept,

i hear about people dying some times, people I know,


it has little effect on me usually, some of them were not very good

But damn, I will always see him doing yard work, to buy money for

weed, until I expire i guess, he smoked that shit a lot

a good dude died and it hurt me in worse way, didn't think it would

a good dude died and i could see the sadness in his friends eyes at the funeral

a good dude died and will be missed

and that's saying a lot.

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