Monday, October 19, 2015


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It's like you have all this cool shit to do, man

and there's like hardly any time for it: so many cool TV shows you see,  YouTube videos to watch, ebooks to read.

And you search all your social media pages.  And everything moves so fast, of course with a full time job

and really the only time I have for real is the weekends for me.

and the go by fast man, for me,

seems like only a mere, couple of hours, instead of two days


there is this feeling of missing out constantly


and your head is filled with clutter and ideas, and ambitions, desire.  And it swirls in you.

all that shit

And I have a hard time relating to people who get bored.

there's like all this cool shit to do, and you're bored?

"I sit with my mom and tells me how boring Sundays are?"  Then she asks me, "Am I bored."

I'm like, "really?"

I'm away from the job, and feel very good

and trying to focus on an ebook from Amazon and  YouTube, and put together Slide share presentation

And I'm like really she's bored?

I guess some people need the Monday mornings and some one telling them what to do and how to do it,

along with the entertainment of television

But not me, jeez!!!

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