Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Live In My Own World

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As you live in your own world

people say this all the time, when you are an 


and I am introvert

but, to me

there is not much that separates an introvert from and extrovert

slight brain chemistry, here and there

I try to be more extroverted, but it don't come off too well

Extroverts live in their own world too.

I find my own thoughts, waaay more interesting than most

I'll try to reach out to other's with words,

yet make no real connection

like you're at a party or club, or bar and you just hear the chattering of voices.

opinions going indifferent directions, and usually prejudiced and silly

Yet you are still alone with yourself

the extroverted introvert

who tries to make this genuine connection to another human being

but it doesn't quite

well, some of us live our heads more than others

and i would be one of these.

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