Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Normal People

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Normal people adapt

they learn to love the prison they are born into,
likes slaves on a plantation

normal people learn to love their school, neighborhood, family, job and hometown

normal people eventually learn to love all authority figures,

the jails and the correctional officers,

normal people learn to adapt and eventually love the environment they are born into

no matter how fucked up in maybe,

I always fight against it 

normal people love the garbage movies Hollywood puts out

normal people learn to love the bullshit that is on the radio stations


normal people buy into the advertising industry

normal people learn to like their jobs, or school no matter how dull they maybe

people can get used to anything man, people can get used to any fucking thing

I'm not normal, I can't stand the bright sunny day,

my darkness stands out and sucks you in like a cave,

I like an admire, the freaks, the weirdos, perverts and geniuses all of them fucking outsiders

on the margins of society

those people who hate the rush hours, and the holidays

I relate to their madness 

and unnormalness

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