Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rat Race

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Competition is overwhelming,

it's too much,  all these people thriving

it's rush hour

it seems like rush hour all the time, man

you're in competition with them,

always, take your energy pills, get enough sleep

this world is a crazy and competitive place.

that's why all the athletes take the dope

the students cheat on the exams


all these crazy ambitious people around me

it wears you out,

I love seeing people in the slow lane of life,

Instead, I see

fighting for the parking space closest to the door of the local Walmart

ain't that crazy?

and they all want kids

to carry out some dumb tradition

to get an EDGE

taking steroids and lifting weights

always comparing themselves to some one's else success

it gets tiring tiring tiring tiring

the car, the job, the house, the clothes

keeping up with the Joneses, keeping up with Kardashians

it all gets very stale.

they keep their cliques, and systems and organizations locked into place

it's all very conservative:

which means for their children and grandchildren and friends

This is the sport that the Human Tribe plays

over and over and over


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