Friday, October 16, 2015

The Drink

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It's not for everyone man,

the drink, the liquor,

some people don't need it,

most people don't need it, the drink

they are sociable beings anyway

but not me, I am not a sociable being,

far from it

the drink helps with that

then the crowds and their words become 
more bearable 

some folks become loud when they drink,  they were usually already LOUD.  The alcohol just enhanced this trait in them, usually to a vulgar degree

it's like my grandma said, "the true person comes out when they drink." And for most, it's not pretty

Freud would call it the ID

and she's right, the true person does come out

and it's usually someone or something that can not handle liquor at all,

or stumbling out the bar, or getting knocked out at the bar

not able to handle the drink, the precious drink,
The wrong brain chemistry, I guess

that makes a hard dull world more bearable,

maybe weed would work better for them, but not me

the beer i stick to, usually work quite well for me

just stay away from me with the silly drinking games.


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