Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Is Depressing!!

Depressing-Quotes-7.jpg (500×375)

Oh boy, you're crazy if you keep reading this,

you have been warned!

I like crazy though,

but this is depressing! 

"people don't like depressing stuff," like my mom says.

I don't think she has ever read any of my writing, she just knows me as a person.

"negative vibes surround me," she says and "people can sense that!"


I guess she is right though, most people can't handle depressing shit

But I don't write for those folks. They can continue to watch their Hangover movies, or Fast and Furious or whatever the fuck they watch.

but I'm a bluesy person and feel the pain of LIFE, like a Charles Bukowski or a Johnny Cash.

it is what is, you hurt of course

and their are those out there who don't want to deal with pain or forget it.  Be happy or say a joke please!

I surely understand.

while I sit in a dark bar a lone nursing a drink watching the others, feeling my specific pain, while never understanding the Masses.

I'm a weirdo, I don't go out to have fun, whatever that is

Most won't understand this crazy, depressing, weird, serious shit I write.

a few will though,  and I write for them.

Not the mainstream folk.

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