Wednesday, October 28, 2015


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May never come, yet people wait for it

they live their lives as if the next day is guaranteed

but every once in while you'll here someone say, "tomorrow isn't promised,"

but most us seem to forget this:

like get up, shower, eat breakfast go to work, go home, fix dinner, wash dishes, etc, and go to bed:  And repeat.

How dull!!

but people go days and years like this

waiting for a weekend, some holiday, a vacation

it's a scary notion,  I have a hard time making long term plans.

like making a doctor's appointment in three months

How about next week?

and people talk about next year

how can you?

I guess modern life seems easier and more stable, no tigers or bears to fight off
so tomorrow seems guaranteed

well, you don't have this safe notion with in you, there is ANXIETY, of course

and i suffer from that as well,

So try to live the day as my last,

failing mostly of course

but, that is just the way it is

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