Saturday, October 24, 2015

Working Man's Pain

freeway_concrete_form_729469_o.jpg (3072×2304)

It's the dull manual labor that kills

you slowly

the boredom, the boredom, the boredom

the minutes, the hours, and days stockpiled

until nothingness,

lifting a heavy box, or cement rock

waiting for the UPS, The Fedex dude, the Post Office

working a dock, or receiving

dying a slow death

when you are young, you can do the shit no problem

but when you get older, in your thirties it wears you out

By the time you are 50, you are done man, just holding on

your body is DONE DONE
there are people in this world that have it worse, bad

I think of the some kid in the third world drinking from dirty water

there are people in this world that it have really bad bad

and there are those you just go on day after day after day

with a slow death, a misery

that buries you in your sixties or seventies,

maybe even earlier

that's the Pain

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