Friday, November 27, 2015

Money (590×421)

I'm a coward because I think about it

most of us are cowards for thinking about it,

worrying about it, this money thing 

you can worry about this money thing until you are

fucking exhausted and your hair turns grey, and wrinkles form on your face.

those in know, want the advantage, against the several billion people in the world that we live in

there is only so much room at the top of the pyramid

so people devise clever little tricks and games to get to the top or stay there

step after step after step

remember, wash and repeat

getting ahead is not easy, they say

neither is winning 

as the athletes take their performance enhancing drugs and the famous have their plastic surgeries to stay in the bright glamorous lights

it gets fucking weary man,

few us want to be homeless or hungry 

so we compete and kill, and work ourselves to death

then we invest in whatever, hoping for a return

WE don't want to be beggars on the corner

so we enslave ourselves to this money thing.

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