Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sorry For The Typos

typos.jpg (288×288)

And you must understand this,

it's not intentional by any means,

I'm usually just tired when I write this or 

half drunk, but this no excuse

because some folk are really offended by this,

and I apologise, didn't spell that right,

I'm sure some, would stop reading if they see a typo,

like not care about the message or the meaning of the idea,

just some pedant worried about grammar, and want this thing overproduced, and well edited

well this ain't well edited,  I hate well edited books

New York times bestsellers, which look like a team of people went in and produced that shit, and censored it,  excuse for a few missing words

This job don't pay no bills.

And if if did, well shit happens

the best writing should be done a lone, with out influence, you know,  the writer not caring what the reader thinks

hopefully I say something interesting, and that is the goal for me

Either you hate it, love it or you're indifferent

hopefully the grammar is little bit better.


Sensory processing can be my excuse,
if you believe in excuses.

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