Saturday, November 21, 2015


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People don't want it

maybe they want HELL, or just a little taste of it

perhaps a lot of people enjoy some unhappiness

a lot of people I know seem to love living in the Past

everything was better of course,

the people, places, They say

not for me, mostly terrible, and some good

I'd be fool to criticize a kid for having iPhone and doing whatever with it

it's a different world, adapt or perish

I salute those who are trying to make life easier and better,

I saw a meme were people saw a google self driving crumpled

when it hit a squirrel,


why the happiness in the misfortune?

How many people are injured or killed in wrecks

so, bring on a smarter car, we definitely need one

as the already dead, cling to the unremarkable past

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