Sunday, December 13, 2015

Allergic To Money

USCurrency_Federal_Reserve.jpg (255×416)
It won't come to me

no matter how much I try

Maybe I am intelligent or

have deep thoughts

thoughts that a lot of people do not have


money seems allergic to me


I try to figure that thing out

but it will not come to me,

it's as difficult as the most advanced math to me

those dollars or wealth or whatever you call it

and for some people

it all seems to come so easy

they know what people want

they have common sense

something I do not have admittedly

or maybe I'm lazy and don't want to hustle

Hustling something the masses have put on pedestal

but on your death dead will wish you have spent more time hustling and making money, when perhaps you have your final curtain?

I don't know man.

I'm not into what most people are into

I don't feel a connection to them

and just maybe I am wrong for that

but can this be helped?

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