Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bringing the Gloom

Lincoln_Castle_in_the_Gloom_-_panoramio.jpg (1100×721)

Here comes me,

bringing the gloom again,  Mr.  Sensitive of course

sad downcast eyes,  taking this Life thing too serious

I should smile when I write,  then I would being more positive

I need to be more positive

I have brought too much gloom into the world, throughout the years

Gotta laugh at myself, do jumping jacks and sing

I should be ashamed up myself for bringing gloom to people who

are just trying to be happy.  Hey,  I can laugh at stand up comedy

I laugh at Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart

I gotta stop bringing the darkness and the gloom

all that real shit

Just be happy!!!!!!

And I'll try this,

then something fucked up happens

and I dwell on if of course,

then it's over, back into the fuckin negative thinking

and that's last for so long, until I hear a good song, or someone says

something funny

then, you can be positive again

and that's okay

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