Saturday, December 12, 2015

Eight To Five

Airport_security_lines.jpg (2592×1944)
Those are the peak hours for people

when humans are busy

they get everything done in these hours

everybody doing the same thing, at the same 

damn time

everybody bumping into each other

everybody just missing each other

everybody just getting a little bit done

I love when these hours are over with

and there is less folks on the roads, or in the stores

I take the roads traveled less, of course 

I don't feel apart of the tribe

Of course all the, "good people," live the eight to five life

it gets dreary and predictable when you can finish a person's sentence for them

and with the eight to fivers you can do that a lot

but those roads at night so are empty and great for me

except for the police

who are always thinking you are up to no good, by being out at night

They think the good people of the world have all gone home, to do their kids home work or watch television or cook dinner, and wait for their jobs to start all over again

"Why are you out so late?" they asked.

"Because I could not stand to be out with them" I say.

They can not understand this, at all.

of course.

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