Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Head up My Ass

Shakespeare's_comedy_of_A_midsummer-night's_dream_(1914)_(14729840016).jpg (1826×2540)

Yes, my head is up my ass,

I am a pitiful dreamer, I admit this,

accept this, being sociable takes

so much away from me

My head is so far up my ass,

I can taste, the bagel with no cheese i have just eaten

ignore me kids, my head is very far up my ass

I know there are people who have the same problems as me, sometimes

I forget this!!!!

I am not special,  I should talk to them

but I have my head very far up ass

I should be able to talk to them about my problems

but I can't

I head is very far up my ass

It never feels good to tell people my problems

like, I can't walk up to a stranger, and start speaking

in sonnets to  you,


That would very foolish

and yes this was meant to be a funny poem

I, must forget all the tragedy of life, like

a broke, broken Shakespeare

Did I spell Shakespeare right grammar nerds?

I have sensory processing problems of course

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