Thursday, December 3, 2015

Insult Me

It's okay,

my skin has grown tougher,

funny-insults.png (620×434)

insult me, say the worse things about me

ill take that,

oh, boy bring all your fuckin hate

you stupid fuckers

hate me, I love it

I'm used to the shit

I remember when i was younger the shit used to bother me

but now

the words fall numb

insult me, laugh if you like

laugh at the glasses, the nose, the manner of speaking

i don't give a fuck

the pettiness don't bother me

in a world filled with cowardly and stupid people

insult me, I'll take it

and it will be so real,

I need it

any way, there was as kid at the bar buying all these girls drinks

and they are talking to him not feeling him, and when he walks away they laugh and insult him.  Then he comes back and, "says yawl laughing at me."

"no we ain't laughing at you," then they keep chuckling

but they kid is serious offended and i can see it

I tell him they are laughing at me to make him feel better, and they coulda have been laughing at me, but I don't give a fuck

are you serious?

keep laughing

for the long road to death comes for us all

and none of this shit will be remembered


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