Thursday, December 24, 2015


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This man, wants to be left a lone,

a lot of time, perhaps most of the times

Call me antisocial or whatever 

I don't care, I don't get tired of my personality,

I like my thoughts mostly, better than other people thoughts.  I'm a dickhead!!

I will admit this

people rush into a crowd to be with them

because they are afraid of themselves, their own voice

they don't trust it all.  No confidence

You gotta believe in yourself, or else you'll never do or say anything

You will let other people talk for you

You will quote their vile venom, as if it was your own

and that is so sad

But some men need some time alone,  they grow tired of the bickering  and complaining, and arguing of the human race

their banal convictions

personalities and actions forcing themselves
upon you.

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