Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thanks For The Advice

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I appreciate it,

but it never seemed to work for me

like 90 percent of the advice, I received throughout

my life has never worked for me, I forgive those people who give advice though, because most of them mean well.

But no one really knows.   Ask Socrates or Plato or whoever that wrote that stuff, but don't ask me.

but whatever worked for me, just might not work for you, and then I have to live that with that

and i don't want that on my conscience at all man

I feel so silly as a sage or a prophet

and I don't give freely of advice or expect it to be given easily to me


advice givers:  things might not quite work out the way expected it for that person, and the universe proves you wrong.

I mean it is hard enough to predict the weather, let a lone a person's life

well, i don't blame anyone for giving me advice, perhaps advice and encouragement works for most people, yet it just haven't worked for me.

than again,  I am a fuckin weirdo!

Well, all advice should come with a preamble, "Well this worked for me, but it might not work for you."

I think i am quoting either quoting or paraphrasing the Buddha.

Well, anyway it sounds smart

and that is what counts

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