Monday, December 28, 2015

The Bar Is Dying

SnakeJakesXmasDaytime.jpg (2816×1755)

Not many interesting bars to go to

but, I go into this bar that I go into all time

and it has gotten so tired,

the mutherfuckers smoke so much

you choke on the shit so badly

there are girls there pole dancing in bikinis

stage and music, drinking and goofy talk at the bar

it's not a good bar, but it's an interesting bar

more interesting than the other bars that are around

the neighborhood dive bars are so dull, filled

with people who have known each other their entire lives

well, it's not much

but I've learn so much in these places, I want to got to better

places, but the cops are all around this holiday weekend

and they keep sane people from wanting to go places, fun places

and just maybe this is best, as people kill themselves slowly with

cigarettes smoke and their pasts.

This weekend and History.

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