Friday, January 8, 2016

Black Out

2003_North_American_Blackout_Before.jpg (1920×1200)

There are things so awful you see,

that you do not want to remember,

there are things so terrible you've experienced,

you can't go back to them in your mind

your mind has already blotted it out 

your mind doesn't want to go there

yet, sometimes you find yourself going there

to that cracked mirror in your head

it can be a bit much, but you endure

it's like a nightmare you have in your mind,

you wake up and try to forget it

but it's there man,

I remember horrible thing that I have saw:

There was little girl, couldn't have been over twelve years old, well she going across the street, after getting off a city buss.  She ran across the street without looking.  I watched the car hit her, and she went up in the air, upside down and landed up on her precious little head.  Awful.  She she was still a live, yet sobbing, of course, making the most awful sounds you could hear.

You can't forget stuff like that.  That kinda pain man.

You just don't forget it, not at all.

It stays, and you go back to that moment.

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