Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Romantic Notions

A_boy_weeping_(left)_and_a_man_weeping_(right)._Etching_by_B_Wellcome_V0009396.jpg (3280×2169)

The people are filled with romantic notions

even though they will try to deny it,

the people are filled with sappy poetry,

it dresses up, in make up, and they try to hide it

no one wants to be a sap

no man wants to be seen weeping at a movie

we create superheroes and myths,  admire the lion of the jungle,  or grisly bear for it's raw strength

a belief that strength endures in the world

isn't that romantic?

isn't that poetic even?

that nothing ever dies?

Everything stays young and strong and beautiful forever, at least something does, as everything passes on

no slave to clock or time or disease

isn't that romantic?

disgustingly so

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