Monday, January 18, 2016


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When I was in my twenties, I was such

a fuckin slacker, I didn’t want to do or

be anything

just hang out, relax

that’s the life for the young

wanting to feel good, no time for work

that shit, was fucking boring

and it was such a relief to be away from that shit

being a slacker was something I wanted to be in high school,  I skipped whenever I could

but i didn’t have the money to do it, after school

it takes money to be a real slacker,

to hang out and let the world past by

thinking thinking thinking

reflecting reflecting reflecting

watching watching watching

young, cool, hip

no responsibility, no problems

I wanted that, but couldn’t really get that

I guess we get what we want, so i got a job

in a book warehouse and hung out in the evenings

and on weekends,

I looked forward to being a slacker though.

more than anything in the world.

Now i wonder why that is so frowned upon?

oh, i know, if everyone didn’t do anything, nothing

would get done.   I understand this.  I need to be serviced and have a lot of things done.

yet, the eight to five lifestyle doesn't seem sufficient

you can call people during regular work hours, and not get anyone on the phone.  But damn it seems like no one ever wants to pick up.  Secretaries, family and friends.  Then you gotta go back to that thing you do

and that’s the problem. Everyone doing the same thing that the same time.

Now, in my late thirties I can’t even imagine being a slacker.

seems kinda boring to me.  People change.

hanging out watching people is so boring now

I know what the they are thinking, now

I have a Facebook account, ya know

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