Monday, February 22, 2016

It's Getting to The Point

Stone_Ranch_Stage_Station_2.jpg (3690×1380)

Where i think people do not want to

leave the house anymore

I don't blame them,  I maybe one of those people

too many things can happen,

too many things could go wrong?

i guess we should think about what should go right

But that is HARD

I mean dealing with all the bad drivers and

and just about everyone is a bad driver, myself included

the only good time to drive is when you have the roads

to yourself

I'm was thinking about going to a bar or something,

but it seems like too much trouble,

a hassle,

the coolest bars people like to smoke

cigarette smoke aggravate my allergies

there's bad parking, then when to get to where you

want to go, chances are you won't have a good time,

you'll just be mildly bored,  hopefully the self driving

cars are coming soon,

well until then there is Periscope,  YouTube and of course

Face Book

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


North_American_Brown_Lemming.jpg (1161×799)

People do just about everything at the same time,

like lemmings,  ya know

Like how people go out on a Friday night or how Saturday night

is date night or something

then most people go people go to church on Sunday

Everyone doing the same thing at the same time

Most people want the nine to five shift

everything planned out for you, worked out

I'd rather have the weekend on a Tuesday,

I'm weird like that

I do not get the social clues, or what I'm supposed to do

or say most of the time

I'm not a good copycat, I don't really pay attention to what most people are doing

or saying

not saying it's good or bad

it's just 

what is

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Aliens!.png (895×462)

You can learn about people, the human race,

by how they react to the alien invasion,

I've talked to a few people, and all they think that an alien invasion

would mean certain doom to the human race,

they would beat us, kill us, and rape us

this has been depicted in a number of television shows

my question is why?

why do we believe they would do us harm?

Instead of help

perhaps people believe we deserve to be overthrown and killed

and maybe we do

Why can't we imagine some strange alien race wanting to help us

instead of doing us dirty?

HUMANITY you have been too unkind to one another

and it shows in your reaction to a simple question

most of us are pessimists

our souls are closed

to the kindness of souls

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fast Food

Burger_King_-_Caserma,_Ederle,_United_States_Army_Garrison_Vicenza_-_US_Army_Africa_Welcome_Guide_-_090808.jpg (3872×2592)

It sucks.

people take their frustrations out on these poorly paid workers.   I went up there be fore they closed, Lee's Chicken.   And hit the drive thru, two people behind are angry and yelling at the people because they ran out of chickens wings, about thirty minutes before they closed.   Like really?  get a drumstick or thigh or breast or something.  But some bitch wanna say she some kind of mystery shopper or something and she's going to report them for this.  Really?  the bitch is some kind of realtor.  Speeding foolishly through the drive thru. She could kill someone with her vehicle. What's up with people and the chicken wings?  those little fuckers don't have any meat on them!!

Another guy gets out of the drive through because they ran out of a chicken pop pie.  Really?   A chicken pop pie?   Get something else.  LOL.

We treat our service workers like shit, than they have to treat someone like shit and the shit goes on and on.  Until we are all very miserable.

It's best to be as kind a you can to everyone you interact with.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Collective Conscious

Ambience_(14573092143).jpg (1200×800)

Whatever people want

what people desire enough comes into fruition

some genius will create it

all the masses desires and ambitions collected into those folks

I'm thinking of Face book,  Amazon, Uber

and now Periscope,

oh, did I forget YouTube, Twitter, LOL.

Periscope seems the way to go though

people are able to broadcast from all over the world

I was watching people have dinner at the 40 40 club in NYC

I have never been to NYC, and the shit seemed intimate,

not like a fuckin television show, but upfront and REAL

then I watched a broadcast from a casino in Las Vegas

I have never been to Las Vegas, and that was crazy to me

We are moving slowly towards teleportation

wouldn't that be grand?

No more cars or plains that crash

Zero Friends

New_Time_Zone-Still_No_Friends_(5656303960).jpg (5184×3456)

I don't have them

I don't even know if I need them or want them

the world says I should have them though

and maybe they are right

I just don't relate to most people though

My brain is wired differently

My thoughts, aspirations are not the same as theirs

and there is the TIME issue

nobody ever seems to have enough of it

and I one of those people

friends usually need things

service, money, companionship

I've known people for years and

don't consider them friends

it's sad if you actually want friends and don't have them

you should have them

it's strange isn't?

how you don't feel like you belong to this world

how everyone finds their place in it and adapt

as if they were the right fit in a puzzle of God

I can't relate to that

and they can not relate to me.

I am an alien living among human beings